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Villas for sale in Marbella

Find luxury villas for sale in Marbella on our website.

We are specialized selling villas on the Costa del Sol since 2002.

Many people think that the 2009 real estate crisis dropped the property prices in Marbella, but let me tell you that its not totally true.

Although lots of properties had to drop their prices down, and hundreds of Estate Agents on the Costa del Sol went to bunkrupt, most of the good quality villas, houses and apartments kept their value.

On the other hand, outsideĀ  Marbella, there are other areas that were really affected by the crisis, and the prices dropped significantly.

The real estate expert Ignacio Acosta Sorge who sold most of the luxury villas and apartments in Marbella is confident that the real estate investment in specific areas of the Costa del Sol is a safe investment, as none of his properties had dropped their value and he keeps selling every month.

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Costa del Sol Directories

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As you can see there are dozen of real estate websites of the Costa del Sol, and hundreds in the UK too.

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